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Reach more customers and save time with Voice Messaging. It’s simple and easy to use. Engage your customers, track performance, and reach thousands of people in minutes.
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With our new VM Injections System designed to give you the ability to deliver pre-recorded messages without ever having to ring the users phone. The message comes through to the user with high definition sound quality, without ever interrupting them. Just think, when was the last time you didn’t listen to your voicemail? So avoid the SPAM box, hang ups, and trash cans with Voice Messaging. Get the Message to your potential customer today and increase Sales for you company today.


  • Engage Customers  -  Contact an unlimited number of prospective customers with the press of a button.
  • Save Time -  No longer do you have to wade through gate keepers and time wasters.
  • Non-Intrusive  -  Prospects listen to the message when they have time, without being interrupted and Voicemail is free.  The prospect will never be charged for hearing your message.
  • Easy To Use  -  It’s as easy as loading your contact list, media file, and pressing play to deliver your message to your target market.
  • Track Performance  -  Easy to understand reporting and metrics for tracking and optimizing your campaign results.


Why Voice Messaging? 

There are many reasons, but among the most important is that you won’t be interrupting your customer or charging them for a call they may not want.   They can listen to the voicemail when they are ready, without the intrusiveness or cost.  In addition, it saves you time from having to manually dial all of your customers to deliver the same message.  Voice Messaging allows you to efficiently reach a large audience at an affordable cost.

How does it work? 

Just record or load your message, select your caller ID, and add up to thousands of recipients.  Once your campaign is created, you can start and stop at any time.  Our innovative technology delivers the message right to Voicemail.

Do the messages roll over to the following month? 

Yes, once purchased your credits do not expire for 18 months, so you have plenty of time to use them.   For Bulk pricing restrictions may apply.




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How do I get Bulk Pricing over 10,000 Drops

Contact us for Bulk Pricing. (772) 226 3190             

Please contact Sales@cheapdialers.com for further details.             

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