Hear at CD we understand the growing pains of starting a new business. The cost of getting started alone can make or brake you. Not to mention all of the tech knowledge needed to get it started. Have no fear. We have comprised a system that is affordable and effective for all your call center needs. 

How It Works

We all know the cost of running a dial-er can be expensive and the staff to run it can be even more of a challenge. We have comprised a way that you can cut the challenges in half if not more.  We have cut the cost of the dial-er by making shared dial-er packages. We take the dial-er limits and divide it up among 4 to 6 different companies (30 USERS) thus shearing the cost. Now instead of one company footing the bill for a dedicated dial-er it is split up between all of the Companies on that dial-er. Makes seance right?  That's a savings of up to 66% 

What about Support?

   OK now that we have cut the cost of the dial-er, lets talk staff.  How many people doses it take to service a dial-er or to fix it when it brakes down.. That can be vary expensive if you are going to run 3 shifts. That's 3 full time employees.  Well you do the math.   We have set up some way that will allow you to save on this also. Instead of paying someone full time for support pay only as you need it.. That's right we are hear 24 7 and can be a full support team for the dial-er on a as needed basis.  Now we are not saying fire all the IT staff! but when it come to the dial-er let us handle it for you and only pay for what you need completed. We also offer training. So you can manage it on you own.  Below is a list of some of the training we will do with you if needed. 


  • how to up load leads.
  • how to change dial rate.
  • how to add an out bound campaign.
  • how to check user recordings.
  • how listen to live calls. 

There are many more but these are the most important the are used every day.  So if you are ready to save cash and learn a little tech its time to get started. 





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