Loading leads into Vicidial can be a daunting task if not done properly. Be sure to prepare your leads into a format that only contains information that you need and that does not exceed the recommended 25,000 per upload. You want to make sure that your list does not contain any blank columns and that all headers are in the first row above the information.

Log into ViciDial with your admin credentials and go to list on the left-hand side.
Next you will want to click add new list. 

In the first column you may only use numbers. Be sure to use a number that will correspond with your campaign. In the second column input the list name. In the third column you will add the description of the lead set usually including the date and/or where they came from.

Next you will select the campaign that you wish to attach the list to. And last but not least want to activate the list by selecting the Y on the drop-down for the activation.

Once you've completed the creation of the list you will now need to upload your leads to the list.

1. Under the heading list for the link called load new leads and click on it.
2. Next you will upload your list by selecting choose file button and then selecting the file that your leads are in.
3. Next you will select the drop down at the list ID override and select the list that you would like to upload leads to.
4. Skip phone code override and go to file layout to use and select custom layout and then select submit at the bottom of your screen

This can take up to 60 seconds for the screen to change depending on your Internet connection. On the next screen we will attach the leads in a manner in which the dialer can read them. 

On the left-hand side you will see a list of header names that should correspond with your lead list. You are simply going to match up the phone number on the left to the phone number in the drop-down on the right the first name on the left to the first name on the right matching each column until you've completed matching all of the headers that are in your leads list. You may not have all of these names in your headers and that's okay to simply skip over and move onto the next one. Once you have completed matching your headers click the okay to process button at the bottom of the page.

This will take a few minutes to process please be patient. You will get a green readout letting you know how many leads are good or bad.

Once you have completed you can go back to the list heading on the left-hand side of your admin screen and select the list that you previously loaded leads to to verify that leads are there to be dialed.