Audio Soundboards, or Avatars

Audio Soundboards, or Avatars, can allow a human agent to just play a few selected audio recordings, like legal or contractual disclaimers, or they can replace an agent speaking to the customer entirely in much more complex avatar setups. We have tested the EVOX control screen with over 40 different dialer systems successfully, and the system is capable of handling many more than that.

Agent Soundboards(EVOX) have been in use in call centers around the world for years. The technology to play selected audio files within a dial agent session has also been available for several years through the D1-DIAL options in the agent interface, but only a few audio files could be selected and played easily. So, in order to allow for more audio files to be displayed within the agent Script tab or a separate window and quickly played, as well as allow an audio file that is being played to be instantly stopped or restarted, new administrative interface, agent interface and server-side modules were needed. 

Due to the requirements needed for this functionality to operate properly, EVOX is only available to customers of hosting accounts. EVOX is a hosted software and may be attached to any soft phone dialer on the market today.

Introducing the EVOX

Imagine if your agents NEVER got tired, NEVER went off script, pitched with the PERFECT enthusiasm and passion for your products EVERY TIME!

You need EVOX 

Our proprietary non-voice technology has revolutionized the near-shore, offshore and domestic call center industry by allowing agents who do not communicate well to communicate perfectly in any language and any accen, on every call with customers all over the world!

 Our clients make more calls, get through more Pitches and as a result see more Sales per agent from the very first day. All the audio is pre-recorded and it's triggered live in response to what a call receiver says. In some cases, a single call-center worker will run two or even three calls at the same time.  

The EVOX technology merely substitutes sound files for the agent’s  voice and assures positive interactive experiences for the consumer. Agents interact with callers by selecting the appropriate audio file responses... The customer experiences a completely natural conversation complete with laughing, positive affirmation, and most importantly, natural interaction.

Our Non-Voice Software System is available for month to month, no contract licensing starting for as little as $20 per month, per agent!