Imagine if your agents NEVER got tired, NEVER went off script, pitched with the PERFECT enthusiasm and passion for your products EVERY TIME!

You need EVOX 

Our Non-Voice Software System is available for month to month, no contract licensing starting for as little as $20 per month, per agent!

Our proprietary non-voice technology has revolutionized the near-shore, offshore and domestic call center industry by allowing agents who do not communicate well to communicate perfectly in any language and any accen, on every call with customers all over the world!

Our clients make more calls, get through more Pitches and as a result see more Sales per agent from the very first day.

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1 comment on “EVOX is now Available !!!”

  1. Jhon

    This is of the best avatar systems we have ever used. We have tried them all. I would recommend the EVOX to telemarketing agents all over the world. Since we have started with the EVOX our call flow has almost tripled and our sales have increased by 40%. It was easy to set up and the techs are very easy to work with. We are starting another campaign using the EVOX next week and we are hoping for the same results. . The only thing that I would Chang is the name. EVOX what dose that mean?

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