Goldleaf data is the market leader offering high-quality new mover, consumer and business data serving Fortune 500 and small businesses across a broad range of industries: security, insurance, financial, homes services, home mortgage, real estate, cable, merchant services and medical practices. The company also provides marketing services support with their comprehensive data solutions: mailing lists, sales leads, direct mail, telemarketing, email marketing, data modeling and analytics.

Mailing Lists and Consumer Data

Goldleaf Data is a world-class supplier of up-to-the-minute data and has been serving Fortune 500 Companies and small businesses alike for over a decade. Starting as a quality supplier of New Mover Lists, Goldleaf Data has expanded its range of superior services to encompass many other types of data and data services. Our staff of Business Development Specialists are committed to providing you the lists and resources you need for your marketing campaigns.


The Right List, The Right Customer

As a market leader in the data industry we offer that vital connection between you and the successful sale/contact. Using an expansive database of both business and consumer information, our technology allows us to create a wide variety of lists - whether a simple list for a small email initiative or a complex database of information for a comprehensive marketing campaign, we have the lists! Let your organization experience what business leaders around the world have discovered - Goldleaf Data means The Right List for The Right Customer! 


Goldleaf’s customer-centric approach and offerings maximize customers’ marketing efforts by connecting them with the right people. For the most current updates connect with them on For more information, visit or call 1-888-936-3282.