We are happy announce our NEW!! EVOX voices to the world… Meet SARAH the VOICE of EVOX!!! The EVOX home security will be on DEMO for a limited time for all to try.  Take full advantage of its user friendly interface and P2P technology. The EVOX can be fitted to any script that you may have already in place . Do you have a new idea? Send it over we will be happy to fit to the EVOX.  The DEMO will be a fully functional EVOX for a limited time only don’t miss your chance to try the next generation in no-voice technology.   


Ready to give it a try.. 

Step 1: Hover over the login link at the top right of the page and select EVOX login.

Step 2: Enter username FREE and password TRIAL.

YEP THAT ITS THAT SIMPLE!!!  you my use the demo for as long as it lasts .. enjoy.. 

Send us your thoughts on the EVOX we are always looking to make improvements to fit our customers needs. sales@cheapdialers.com

If you like what you see and would like to put in an order feel free to contact our sales department..