How to log in to dialer to receive transfers.

  1. Open X light and be sure it is connected and ready.
  2. Point your browser to link provided to you by your sales rep. (Example) : http://123.456.89.100:81/a381f4a1-3f5f-427f-88f8-7fe64f247699.php
  3. Enter your agent user number and password and press submit.
  4. On this screen you will enter the agent user number and password that was assigned to you and select the arrow down. There will be a list of campaigns that you have permission to log into. Select the campaign and press the submit button.
  5. Your X light will now ring answer it by pressing the green button. Then minimize the phone.
  6. Once you've logged in you will see a pause and resume button at the top left-hand corner. Press the resume button in order to receive calls.